Toronto Condos: Unique Features That Makes Them Standout

The world has seen its fair share of high rise buildings with outstanding features that win the favor of their occupants. The city of Toronto has seen a great concentration of high rise condos in the world, coming second to the city of New York.

Developers are increasingly improving the amenities in the super tall condos they are building in Toronto. Apart from making Toronto rate seventh among cities with many tall buildings, the condos are outstanding. Here are some of the key things that make them stand out among many.

The glass designs

condosToronto has taken the notch higher in the building of condos by creating high-rise condos using glass. The past has seen condos built from brick and mortar only with as much glass on the windows and doors only. But developments in Toronto have extended to the use of glass. This not only provides some great view from the highs but a greater aesthetic touch.


Interesting! Current development in condos has seen the owners add taste to the life in condos using spas. The spa is built on the premises and ran by professional chain spa owners. It is made to provide some good beds, great showers, hot water tubs and a great view of the pool. Who wouldn’t like a good massage and relaxation from time to time?

Resident bars

However tall the condos are, something else is fixed in the heights; a residents’ bar. The bar provides residents with a place to pass the time enjoying a drink and watching football. Some condos have restaurants only, however. Some are situated on the rooftops and you can imagine the great view of the world from up there.

Rock climbing sites

Most condos have the usual pool, tennis court, gym and other awesome facilities. But few have the rock climbing areas. Designers have come up with this more interesting feature to add to the taste of condos. When residents have utilized most of the other amenities and need something challenging and different, the rock climbing experience is a great way to go.


condoGone are the days when condos were built for a short stay. Clients are now looking for a near-permanent stay in condos. With this view, Toronto has brought the concept of gardens in condos a bit higher by building small owned gardens on extensions for the buyers. This is an added value as it provides a sweet home experience.


The Toronto condos have also made provisions for landing choppers. Helipads are situated at the top of buildings or on well-designated helipad areas. This provides landing space for clients who use choppers at times or in times of such response that permits the use of a chopper. For instance, when flying a patient by air is necessary.

So much stands out when it comes to the Toronto condos. Other than the usual pool, gym and restaurant which has been adopted by nearly all condos, they have endeavor red to provide more features that make the stay on their condos more comfortable.